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VIK Announces La Piu Belle Champagne - September 2022

The release will mark VIK’s entry into the world of Champagne, expanding its exceptional portfolio while building on its mission of producing wines that are among the best in the world VIK is pleased to announce its foray into Champagne with the upcoming debut of La Piu Belle Champagne. “The debut of our first Champagne marks a very exciting moment,” commented Cristian Vallejo, Chief Winemaker at VIK. “In keeping with our philosophy, La Piu Belle Champagne, is a blend of the finest grapes from exceptional terroirs in Champagne, France. The 2009 Millesime is characterized by small creamy bubbles forming a persistent vibration in the center of the glass. The Chardonnay brings finesse, minerality with a delicate freshness and the Pinot Noir delights with complexity, structure, and an elegant richness, showing incredible balance and exceptional length.”

Since VIK’s inception, innovators Alex and Carrie Vik and their world-class team have been focused on producing a wine that would join the pantheon of the great wines of the world and creating a vineyard recognized as among the best in the world. Over the last 16 years, the team has poured their passion, hard work and singular focus into reaching these bold ambitions, building a family of wines – VIK, La Piu Belle, La Piu Belle Rosé and Milla Cala that have garnered international acclaim.

Entering the world of champagne is a natural progression for VIK as it thoughtfully expands while continuing to deliver exceptional vintages. Champagne is recognized as the ultimate luxury wine, one of the most coveted items in the world, synonymous with celebration, joy, and shared experiences. The history, quality and mystique surrounding the Champagne region of France and its wines pairs perfectly with the VIK ethos.

Art is deeply embedded into all the experiences VIK creates. La Piu Belle Champagne, “the most beautiful one,” showcases a stunning art label depicting beautiful women with intricate gold detailing, resulting in a uniquely beautiful bottle made in collaboration with artist Elena Trailina. Her artwork is featured at Galleria Vik Milano, part of VIK’s collection of private retreat hotels created out of a passion for art, design, and architecture.

La Piu Belle Champagne will be released in September 2022 and will retail for $190 USD. It will be available through @vik_wine

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