Artists' Corner

Each month we will feature an artist or artists from one of our beautiful VIK Retreats - this month takes you to the heart of Milan - Galleria Vik Milano 

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Fringe is the pseudonym of a South African pop artist. His story is a combination of high output and well-timed solo exhibitions that have launched his signature series’. His singular style has become identifiable as the artist’s alone. Born in the 1970s in South Africa, he migrated from graphic design to art production, using branding in conjunction with provocative imagery to produce unique multimedia pieces and sculptures. Moving from commercial graphics to the gallery context, from 2017 Fringe has enjoyed multiple sold-out solo exhibitions. His work has been exhibited and auctioned around the world. In February 2022, he will hold his fourth solo exhibition at the DavilleBaillie Gallery in Hyde Park.




 – Daville Baillie Gallery, Johannesburg, SA – White Room Gallery, Bridgehampton, NY – Gallery Augustine, Innsbruck, Austria – Frank Fleugal, Nuremburg, Germany – Gallery 508, London, UK




 – The Very Definition (South Africa, Germany 2017) – Don’t Blink (South Africa, Germany 2018) – Porsche 911 exhibition (Desom Luxembourg, 2019) – No Seriously (South Africa, Germany 2020) – Schloss Monet (Germany, 2020) – Gallery 508 Chelsea (London, 2021) – Luxembourg Art Fair, Art Prize participant (Luxembourg, 2020; 2021)