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Alex and Carrie Vik are the creators, designers and visionaries behind many of South America’s most exciting properties; Vik Retreats break the traditional mold and offer destinations for cultured, intelligent and design forward travelers.  Comprised of Estancia Vik José Ignacio, Playa Vik José Ignacio, Bahia Vik José Ignacio, in Uruguay and Vik Chile and Puro Vik at the VIK Vineyard in Chile as well as the newly opened Galleria Vik Milano in Milan Italy, Vik Retreats merge art, design, architecture incomparable location and natural setting, authentic service and environmentally minded practices. In addition Carrie & Alex have created other exceptional experiences at La Susana Beach Restaurant, Pavilion Vik for exceptional events, Wanderlust for young travelers and Shack Yoga & Wellness in Uruguay and the Award winning VIK Winery in Chile.


Alex and Carrie have been traveling to Uruguay for over 30 years, drawn to the country through Alex’s family, as his mother, Susana Oneto Martinez, was Uruguayan. Initially as they embarked on these projects, they intended them as homes for themselves, but as the projects evolved, they realized they wanted to share them with others.  Each Vik Retreat was imagined and built by Alex and Carrie with the inspiration of creating exceptional private residences.  


Estancia Vik José Ignacio, a romantic, rustic and traditional ranch, is an homage to Uruguay’s nature, architecture, design and art. Alex and Carrie worked closely with the artists on all aspects of the property. Estancia Vik features 12 unique suites, each imagined with an individual Uruguayan artist who has created site-specific works of art for and out of these spaces.


Playa Vik José Ignacio is situated on the most coveted spot of the coastline with a unique concept of organic and ultra-contemporary design.  The property consists of six unique casas surrounding a central ‘Sculpture’ building that showcases a range of leading South American and International artists. Guests of Playa Vik enjoy the remarkable beachfront property as well as a cantilevered pool extending out from the Sculpture terrace overlooking the beach and sea below. 


Bahia Vik José Ignacio, a collection of 15 uniquely designed Bungalows built into the sand dunes of Playa Mansa with a central building around which retreat life revolves. Bahia Vik reflects the best of local beach living, with a seamless flow between indoor and outdoor living inspired with art and Vik luxury. Bahia Vik is a short walk down the beach to the village of José Ignacio and fully embraces the beach life of Jose Ignacio.


The VIK Vineyard, located in Millahue, Chile, sits between the Pacific Ocean to the west and the Andes Mountains to the east. Following years of research for the best terroir to grow the “perfect grape,” VIK was purchased and the first vines were planted in 2006. The inaugural test vintage 2009 has been followed by many subsequent vintages, each better than the previous one, until 2014 they were made in the garages. VIK is among the best wines in South America with the goal of firmly establishing itself in the pantheon of the great wines of the world. VIK was voted the best vineyard experience in the world in 2020 by Wine Enthusiast and #10 of the Top 50 by IWS. Alex and Carrie have worked to design a state of the art highly sustainable winery, 2 Vik Retreats; Vik Chile and Puro Vik.


Vik Chile, a twenty-two suite retreat boasts breathtaking 360-degree views across the 11,000 acre property. Featuring a floating, sculptural roof of bronzed titanium inspired by the surrounding mountains, the wind, and the work of Frank Gehry and Richard Serra, the retreat is visually arresting. This daring design is extraordinary and playful, and as with all Vik Retreats, completely unique and inspiring in its conception. Guests are welcomed through a central open-format public living area and gardens. The convivial living room offers a wide range of art including works by Roberto Matta, one of Chile’s most beloved artists, and a diptych from Anselm Kiefer’s iconic “Secret Life of Plants” series. Beyond the living room, guests find a beautiful cantilevered slate pool extending out over the valley and lake below, providing the sensation of swimming above it all.


The glass houses of Puro Vik hang from the steep hills just below Vik Chile, in the stunning nature and vineyard of Chile’s Millahue Valley. Carefully positioned to offer the best vantage points for living in exquisite, cool and romantic luxury while capturing the magnificent dramatic natural surroundings, Puro Vik offers a hospitality experience which is rare, inspiring and singular by design. The contemporary architecture with three walls entirely of glass eliminates the visual borders with the surrounding treetops and foliage ensuring privacy for guests, while simultaneously allowing them to enjoy the expansive and dramatic vistas.

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