CHILE - Foraging walks at the Vik Chile, a two-hour drive from Santiago, focus largely on science of why mushrooms are important-how they form underground webs that help an entire ecosystem thrive,  Guest also pick their own along the way, retrning with baskets of balloon-shaped horse mushrooms and purple-hued wood blewits for Chef Pablo Caceres to weave into artistically plated dishes.  From $660 per night: For full article click here #vikchile @vikchile

EXPERIENCE THE ITALIAN FASHION CAPITAL THROUGH A LUXE NEW LENS. There's hardly any Instagram-vs.-reality paradigm more striking than that of international travel. On the grid, you are glowing, carefree, exuding main character energy. Every hour is golden hour. For the full article click here.  #galleriavikmilano #vikretreats @galleriavikmilano 


Vik Retreats Extends Uruguay as Year Round Destination
June 9, 2022


There are many things that can help a hotel rise above the pack, whether it's an amazing in-house restaurant or an architecturally stunning pool. But we focus on one area in particular when it comes to measuring a property's luxury factor: the bathroom. For the full article click here.  #vikchile #vikretreats @vikchile

Need a Grape Escape? The World's 6 Best Wine Regions for the Ultimate Wine Lovers Holiday

Estancia Vik and Bahia Vik,  the private luxury retreats in the bohemian-chic fishing village of Jose Ignacio, Uruguay will welcome visitors throughout the year, marking an exciting moment as the retreats further extend their season in response to demand from travelers around the world. For the full article click here 

#vikretreats @vikretreats

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Hotels Offering Authentic Ranch
and Polo Experiences
Estancia Vik José Ignacio - June 2, 2022


Red, white, rose or sparkling...a good glass of wine is a beverage to savour, but there's something extra-special about sipping in in the sun against a backdrop of sweeping vineyards. With more than a quarter (30% to be precise) of Kiwi travelers saying they'd like to do a wine tour on their next holiday*, we've found the 6 BEST properties you can stay at for your wine lovers holiday that'll let you fully immerse yourself in the experience - whether you're a wine connoisseur or a complete novice.  For the full article click here #vikretreats @vikchile @vik_wine

These hotels and lodges offer authentic ranch and polo experiences, inviting guests t try their hand at the 'sport of kings'. One of the earliest team sports, Polo has long stood as the ideal activity for those seeking excitement and expeiences on horseback in the great outdoors. As the sport continues to grow in popularity, some of the world's most beloved luxury hotels occer entree into the sport, promising unforgettable escapes. Click here for the full article. #vikvibe #vikjoseignacio @vikretreats