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Research has found that exposure to nature and feeling connected to nature can offer a host of benefits mental, physical, and emotional, such as improving modd and reducing stress and anxiety. A study from 2019 analyzing nearly 20,000 participants found that spending at least two hours per week in green spaces was associated with improved overall health and well being. Since being immersed in nature stands to do your body, mind and soul a lot of good, it only makes sense to take advantage of the opportunity to spend your leisure time making the most of it.

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Given its popularity, there's a pretty good chance you've heard of "dopamine dressing" by now. The practice, which has become one of the year's most viral movement, involves dressing up to boost the mood. It's so buzzy, in fact, that it's started spilling over into other areas as well: dopamine  gifting have also been dubbed major trends of late. The latest iteration of this, though, is arguably the most fun. Yes, dopamine destinations are officially a thing - ad what better way to experience them than with a super colorful hotel to base your stay?


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Where to go in 2023, according to T&L editors - for a breath of fresh air, a big-city adventure, or a glimpse at the future of travel.

With much of the world reopened, 2023 is shaping up to be the year travel officially bounces back. We made our list of the 50 best destinations for 2023 a little differently this year: We asked Travel + Leisure's editors where they want to go in the months ahead. Some are raing to get back to Japan, while others have the Trans-Bhutan Trail on their lists. Still mare are planning a sail around Greenland, a wine-tasting trip on California's central coast, and a visit to France's next big wine region (which is, as it happens, tiny.) www, @vikretreats 

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LIKE A Magic Eye print,  what looks to be the case when it comes to Chile's terroir is rarely quite so linear or straightforward. Just when you think you've got a handle on it, you round a corner and it reveals another complex pattern, hidden in plain sight. Climb up one side of the hill, for instance, and you might find yourself dodging five-foot tall cactus plants, while just over its peak, the other side tumbles down with lush evergreens that wouldn't look amiss in the Swiss Alps. For full article click here #vikchile @vikchile


Whether for beginner riders or experiences equestrians, destinations range from castles to dude ranches.

Whether you want to feel a bond with nature by riding through it, or a bond with the animal you are riding on, an equine holiday experience may be just the thing you are looking for.

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