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A Life Less Ordinary: The Breathtaking Ambition of Vik Retreats:

Sotheby's celebrates luxurious holiday locations where lovers of art, wine, architecture and fine food can indulge all their passions in one place. @sothebys

With locations in Uruguay, Chile and Italy, Vik Retreats reimagines the five-star hotel experience through unique art installations, exceptional viticulture and thoughtful gastronomy. Here, founders Alexander and Carrie Vik share the inspiration behind these exquisitely curated destinations – and speak about their deep engagement with the local artists, architects and winemakers who’ve helped make each hotel one-of-a-kind.

There’s a lot that goes into making wine, let alone great wine. Grapevines don’t reach maturity until they’re at least 10 years old, meaning winemakers must normally dedicate a decade of labor before they can produce wine worth drinking – and it can take 50 years to reach the maximum expressions. So when Alexander and Carrie Vik set out to produce one of the best red wines in the world on their 11,000-acre wilderness land in the Millahue Valley, Chile, it was no easy feat they’d undertaken. Today, only 16 brief years after VIK planted their first vines, their wine is good – incredibly good. In fact, in 2022 William Reed Business Media named it the fourth best vineyard in the entire world, and in 2020 Wine Enthusiast voted it the best vineyard experience around the globe.



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