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goop - Bahia Vik one of the top Romantic Escapes

Bahia Vik José Ignacio - Discover more:

Why We Love It - Uruguay isn't usually on the short list for secluded beach vacations, but the sleepy town of José Ignacio (just a few beaches away from the louder, better-known town of Punta del Este) makes a convincing argument for adding it. Bahia Vik's sleek, modern bungalows sidle right up to the beach, with windows looking out over the ocean. And while those bungalows offer private pools and manicured lawns as communal hang-out suited to families or small groups, the couples-focused rooms in the main lodge are perfectly romantic. While it's not likely that you'll tire of lounging on the idyllic beach, the hotel's significant art collection could keep you occupied all afternoon. #vikjoseignacio



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